You have found it! My blog, my little piece of the internet. My place to share my life, my passions, my experience.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to help people, and well if we are being honest talk. This blog allows me to do both.

I am not one of the wonderful success stories you read where someone quit their job, risked it all, and ran out into the world passport in hand. I wish I was, but that time hasn’t come yet. I hope that day arrives for me and I hope this blog is a large part of that reason!

If I have learned anything in life it’s that people inspire people. The culture, background, financial status, sex, or background of the individuals does not matter. It’s the person they are inside that inspires others to pack up their bags and trek cross Asia. To step away from an unhealthy lifestyle and embrace health and fitness. To push themselves to bigger brighter futures. We all inspire each other and so my inspiration has come from many of you and the ability to share that or re-create it fuels this blog.

I have a creative, colorful, wandering mind. If I were to attempt to constrain that into one passion, one niche, I would feel trapped. Isn’t that why we all blog? Isn’t that why we read blogs? To free ourselves…to adventure through someone else’s words or pictures. To smile at someone else’s achievements and then dream them as our own! To find the inspiration to push ourselves to new and greater heights!

For that reason my blog is a blog about life. About the travels we all do in life near or far. The food we all love or hate. The relationships we will make and break. The changes we will ask our body, mind, or soul to endure. Feel inspired! Share in my experiences in my failures! I am an ordinary guy doing mostly ordinary things, but like we established it’s people who inspire people and just maybe something here can inspire you!

Sooooo if you live, eat, travel, build relationships, work out or don’t, my blog is for you! My brand is for you! This is a blog about a person hoping to reach people!

Well that’s my inspiration and that’s my purpose behind all this. Certainly, I want to make this my career, but that’s because this, right here, this blog is my passion and where for a few hours a day I dream, share, and recall this beautiful word and life we all share!

Follow me on my social medias, read my blog, and let’s all continue to inspire the future.