Perfect Pan Seared Steak Recipe

Today is a big day! It is the first of our Foodie Friday post.  Every Friday you get to read and I get to write about the glorious, life-altering subject, of food.  We are coming straight out of the gate today with a recipe every home chef should have in their arsenal!

Today, I am going to share with you how to create the PERFECT pan seared steak.  This ain’t no amateur beef here.  This is the creme de la creme, the master of moo, the bringer of tears steak recipe right here.  So, sit back, get comfy, and prepare yourself.

Here is what you are gonna need to make this little beauty for yourself.

Ingredient List:

  • Steak cut of your choice. (Bonus points if you got anything over 12 ounces…you animal you)
  • Canola Oil (You could substitute another HIGH heat oil, but I find Canola is the most affordable, best all around option)
  • Fresh Ground Salt(I prefer Kosher or Sea Salt) *High Standards what can I say…
  • Peppercorn Pepper in a Grinder(This step is important it needs to be fresh cracked)

Pro Tip: Most Grocery stores sell peppercorn pepper with a built in grinder, buy that one!

  • Butter(Get the good stuff…I am talking a salted stick of yellow goodness… if it comes in a tub put it back…put it back right now!)
  • Garlic(Pro Tip: Buy breath mints at the checkout…your guest will thank me)
  • Rosemary (This one is optional if you use it though you definitely get veggie credit… so then it is healthy)

Equipment Needed:

  • Cast Iron Skillet(Oven Safe Pan would work too, but if you don’t have a skillet you should definitely look into one of those buddies)
  • Oven/Range – (Heat source is kinda vital here. If you’re using a fire, fist bump…you are the real deal)
  • Tongs(those nifty little metal grabby things…*translated for my GF)

Now, we are ready to create our Mona Lisa de steaks.  First thing is first, get that meat resting and coming up to room temperature. The key to a good sear is in the preparation.  If you bought your meat from the butcher department (you should have) unwrap it. Now, get it resting on the counter.  I find that if it comes straight from the store, fifteen minutes or so is enough.  If it has been in the fridge, more like thirty minutes.

While your steak is coming to temperature, get that oven Hot, Hot, Hot…you can do that little dance from the song, but it is not necessary…fun, though. You need to set the oven to 425 degrees.  While the oven is heating up place your skillet inside.  This will allow the skillet to get Hot, Hot, Hot while the oven gets Hot, Hot, Hot…see a theme building here?

Alright, now our steak is ready to come to the party.  It has come to room temperature and is just begging to be covered in yummy goodness.

Get your oil out and lightly coat the front and back of each steak.  Key work here is LIGHTLY.  They should have a slight shine to them.  If they look like one of those Hawaiin Tropic models where you can see your reflection in the shine…you went to far…way, way, way too far…

Now that our steaks are covered in Canola oil sunblock, coat them in the FLAVOR.  Crack a nice layer of salt and pepper over them. I like to go heavy on both, especially the pepper.  The pepper will add more spice and bite, though, so know your audience. (or be like Dave Ramsey and DO WHAT YOU WANT)

Seasoned Steak

Status Check: We should have an oven preheated to 425 degrees.  There should be a skillet inside of that oven.  Nothing should be burning. (if something is…I honestly don’t know what to say) Steak should be oiled, salted, and peppered. (wrist should hurt from all the FRESH cracking…cause you listened to me and got fresh cracked)

Get your oven mitts (oven mitts are crucial here or it is gonna hurt…like real bad…like trust me I know) and pull that skillet. Place it on the stove top with the stove set to HIGH.  We want to keep that HOT, HOT, HOT going. Grab your metal tongue thingies and gently lay the steak down in the pan.  If you have oiled it right and things are HOT, HOT, HOT then you should hear this wonderful screaming sizzle!  DO NOT TOUCH IT.  Hands off, walk away, for the love of all things, leave it alone.  It needs thirty seconds to a minute to sear.  If you wobble it, lift it, judge it, or poke it you are hindering its growth and development into a full mature crowd pleaser. Once it has seared on one side, flip it and allow the other side to sear the same.  When you flip it you should see a beautiful brown, golden, seer.

Golden Brown Sear

Both sides have now seared….grab your oven mitts (hot plate remember…do not forget…it hurts).  Take the skillet and put it back inside the still 425-degree oven.  The steak now gets two minutes on each side. This should cook it to around medium rare.  If you like it more done…(why would you) then cook it a little longer on each side. A digital thermometer is a great tool here. Just in case you have one, here are the temps you should be looking for:

Still Moooooing: 130 degrees

Medium Rare: 140 degrees

Medium: 155 degrees

Jerky: 165 degrees

Pro Tip: If you don’t have a meat thermometer you can check the doneness using your hand.  Take your thumb and touch it to your pinky…now with your free hand touch the muscle just below your thumb…feel that?  That is what well done feels like…if you feel that you burnt it. Unless you were going for beef jerky. (my mom eats hers this way…your not alone…it is ok) Poke your steak. It should feel the same. Ring finger to thumb is medium. Middle finger to thumb is medium rare, and pointer to thumb is mooooooing. Check the pokiness (that is now a word) of your steak against your hand.  Whatever it matches is your temp. This is a little less accurate than a thermometer, but will get you by in a pinch.

Now for the finishing move.  Pull your steak and place in on the stove.  The stove should be off.  Now in the pan, we have some oily fat, rendered into a delicious, peppery, juicy, aromatic little pool.  Take a knob of your butter and drop it in that fat pool, along with some pressed or minced garlic, and one sprig of your rosemary.  Gently tilt the pan and with a spoon baste over your steak a few times. This part is completely optional if you are trying to save calories and things. If you aren’t, ohhh baby baste away.

Once you have basted a few times, flip the steak on its side. (The side with the fat) Let that fat render for a few moments and pull that steak to rest.

You did it! What a pro! Your guest will love you! You will be famous, locally (don’t get carried away). Now the only thing you could do to ruin anything at this point is cut the meat.  Don’t touch it.  It has been through a lot.  It is a little emotional right now. Let it cool down, gather itself, and then we can approach it again.  After it has rested about ten minutes or so it is ready to serve.

Steak and Mashed Potatoes

You can pair it with whatever you would like.  For this particular time, I chose to go with a quick pan sauce reduction, some asparagus tips, and parmesan mashed red potatoes.

I hope this helps you master the kitchen and save a few expensive nights at the local steak house.  You really can make your very own delicious steak house steak right from your kitchen.  Get in there, go for it, and make you up some moooootastic grilled meats.

Thank you for reading as always subscribe, follow, like me and all that stuff. Most of all Travel Far and Eat Often!

Talk to y’all soon!

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