27 Things I learned in 27 Years

Fireworks popped, families hugged, couples kissed, and 2016 faded into the black of the night, as 2017 emerged.  A new year means new opportunities and new growth.  I have grown here on this earth for 27 years of life, each year makings a little more progress than the next and developing a little more than before.  In my 27 years of life, I learned some key things that have shaped my personality and my future.  My hope is that these can help shape and inspire you to evaluate your past years and help make your next year another step forward.

So without further delay, here are my top 27…..

27. I Love Tacos….

Ok, but seriously, I do, that’s important.  I love those little meat filled, carb wrapped, shuttles of gut feeding pleasure. The way they look, all cute, staring up at you from that little red basket. Inviting you in…just a bite.

The point is we all have our things that bring us happiness…for me it’s tacos…for you who knows, indulge it’s ok…especially if it’s tacos.

26. Ditch Da Drama

Remember when pushing people in the pool with their clothes on was the cool thing to do at parties.  Ever tried to climb out of a pool in wet soggy jeans?  Exactly….drama is the same way it weighs you down and drags you to the dark places in life.  It pins you there so get rid of it.  Stay above it and avoid those who love it, they aren’t worth it.

25. Ask them out

They are cute and you’re curious.  Introduce yourself and see what happens.  No one likes to live life wondering what if? Instead just know. It’s a date, not a wedding. Pro Tip: if they say no hold your crying till your alone…just saying…lock it up

24. Break up with them

The whole frog to prince fairy tale is a FAT lie.  Girls kiss all the frogs you want, but they will still be a frog. Guy’s if you think she’s awful set her free someone else won’t. Doesn’t make you evil just makes her not right for you.  Looks aren’t everything. Personalities don’t always mesh. Don’t hog the fish…let some go. There are a lot out there someone says…

23. Hold onto them

When you find that person who you can’t live without then by all means hold on tight.  Fight the fights, hold each other up, and go to war with anyone who is out to hurt y’all or them. They are your person and so they are you, defend that concept as if your happiness depends on it. It does and no amount of ice cream and chocolate syrup is gonna help you with that.

22. Molds are meant to be broken

Don’t fit societies mold for you…fit your mold for you.  Guy’s can be creative and crafty.  Girls can be sporty and slay at video games.  It’s ok, it’s awesome actually. I spent too much of life worrying what the macho men would have to say about my passion for decorating my house and my love for cooking.  Yes, I have evolved from beating my chest in a cave and it feels good.

21. Life is meant to be shared

BFF, BIFFLE, Friends for life and all those cheesy catch lines or bracelets that are out there.  Seriously, though make friends, find a partner, and share your life.   Sharing is caring…you will love your individual moments, but you will also come to cherish the memories you make in life with your friends, family, and love.

20. Life is better with dogs

I mean really…do I even need to explain this one?  Who else does 360 violent body spins when you come back inside from taking the trash out? Who else wants your attention 24/7. In what other relationship in your life, has someone licked your face and you told them what a sweet little good boy they are…..or maybe don’t answer that. Plus they will never tell you that your annoying, stand you up, or that you look fat in that….so there’s that.

Pause for a moment and meet my darling, Dixie….

And the charming Chase……

19. Spend Money 

Don’t be scared to pay for the things that bring happiness to your life.  Spend money on travel.  Spend money on experiences. Spend some money from time to time. Money doesn’t bring happiness and all that stuff…  Treat Yo Self! Imagine I said that all gangster and in a deep voice for impact purposes…

18. Save Money

Don’t go too crazy spending though…you still need to have money to survive.  Ramen noodles are cool in your teen’s, but they start to lose their appeal in your 20’s and surprisingly chicks don’t dig them. Set up your 401k and set spending and saving budgets.  This way when you are spending, you’re more focused on quality investments that bring happiness and not living off the dollar menu at Taco Bell…not that there is anything wrong with that. #Ilovetacos

17. Workout like a boss

Sweat and smell my man or lady…sweat and smell.  Life catches up with you and so does your waste band.  I pushed a fair share of pants to their limits before I adopted this valuable ideology.  Do yourself a favor and find a workout plan besides the bicep curls you do bringing that burger to your mouth and back….unless it’s tacos then your golden.

16. Your Body is Bangin

Your body is your little or big or tall or short shuttle through life.  We can certainly change some things about our appearance but most we can’t.  That is ok. Love the body you are in.  Come to terms with it and you will feel so much more comfortable walking through this life. You are beautiful no matter what they say…go ahead hum the song you know you want too…#thanksChristina.

15. Coffee Cures All

Ahhh the nectar from the God.  I mean honestly…the smell…the consistency…the warmth.  There is nothing, that taking a few minutes to sit, breathe, and sip that black soul touching liquid can’t fix.  Slow down every once in a while and share a pot with friends and family, you will cherish those moments. For ultimate results pair your nectar of the God with a warm taco…just saying.

14. Pass on Poisonous People

You will undoubtedly meet those people who are just straight toxic.  The negative nancy, the backstabber, the fake, the bully, and on and on the types go.  RUN don’t walk RUN from them and don’t look back.  You don’t need that poison in your life.

13. Cooking is Cool

Food Network is life. Taco’s fix everything and cooking makes you awesome.  Learn to cook! I am not saying go all Bobby Flay on us. Just learn a few dishes. Ladies, us guys love a good cook.  Guy’s ironically girls also love a good cook…break molds remember.  Start small and learn…tacos are small just saying ;).

12. Photos are Priceless

Snap, snap, snapity, snap….snap your life away.  I don’t mean on snapchat…your friends have limits ok.  Document every little moment of your life…save them, scrap them, and review them often.  Life is short and your gonna want to remember every moment of your beautiful one. Pictures are worth a thousand words and all that…

11. Set Standards

Know your limits.  Set standards for everything! Set a standard on who you will date, where you will work, and whats acceptable and whats not.  Hold yourself to these standards and live a life of quality.  High standards don’t make you snooty they give you a high-quality life.  Even tacos should have a standard…microwaveable tacos…come on you’re better than that.

10. Lots of Luv

Love more, love bigger and love unconditionally.  People will take advantage of that and it will open you up to some heartache, but time is precious and love is how you save it. Be a lover, not a fighter.  Love quirky things, odd people, and of course love…..I won’t even say it. 🌮

9. Hating Everything ain’t Hip

Come on brah…you’re not better than everyone else.  You don’t always have a story better than the one you just heard. Complaining, hating, or being boringly uninterested doesn’t make you hip…it makes you a jerk.  Be happy for people and show support. If you wanna be hip grow a beard and start a blog like I did. Now that is hip!

8. Passion is Pretty

Being passionate isn’t weird it is HOTT. Guy’s love a girl who has passions and shows it.  Girls love a guy who has a passion and gets all cute about it and stuff…” direct quote from my girlfriend”  apparently I get all cute and stuff… I have tons of passions and I get passionate about them! So spend 2017 yelling at the TV, doing happy dances over awesome tacos, and showing some color through your passion!

7. Yes is greater than No

If it isn’t illegal, against your standards, or hurtful learn to say YES. Yes is that powerful word that opens doors, moves you cross country, lands you in Asia, and finds you eating mystery meats.  It is the ingredient that adds color and experience to your life.  Say yes and watch your life diversify with each time you say it…

6. Treasure Time

When you are 15 your parents are weird and yucky…they embarrass you and you’re far too cute and cool for them.  Here’s a shock you couldn’t be more WRONG.  It only takes watching your dad or mom sick or suffering once to have reality come crashing in. People are important. Maybe it is your parents, grandparents, elder, friend, or someone else.  Do yourself a favor and spend as much time as you can with them.  Cherish every minute, and for heaven’s sake take care of you parents and hug their neck every moment that you can. Moment’s are just that…they are pieces of time and they too expire. Fill your life with them and then the memories will be eternal..save time first and foremost.

5. Sweatpants are Awesome

The soft, gentle waistband, the taco sauce stain from game day, the way they hide all your insecurities…nothing and I mean nothing is as comfortable as a day in sweatpants.  Take some time for yourself. Work hard and all that, but don’t be afraid to spend a day in nothing but your sweatpants…or two days, maybe three, at four your getting carried away. I said Treat Yo Self, not Lose Yo Self. 

4. You are unique

You are You, not that model from GQ, not the latest celebrity, not what MTV tells you to be.  You are your own unique brand.  Be that and love it.  You bring a unique, one of a kind combination to this world.  Your idols and those people you build up aren’t better than you.  They just are on a different stage.  You have your own stage.  You are someone else’s idol and may not even realize it.  Embrace your uniqueness and love yourself for it.

3. Everyone has insecurities

Understand that EVERYONE is insecure about something.  You aren’t alone in that.  Everyone from TV, Hollywood, and your local life is insecure about something.  You know the whole imagine everyone in their underwear trick you learned in communication class…the same applies here.  Everyone is insecure about something, so put yours behind you and be confident.

2. Step Out

Take that step….burst the safety bubble… and launch yourself full force out into this world.  Show yourself because nothing is as rewarding in life as stepping out of the shadows of your insecurities and watching people love you for your weird, taco loving self.

1. Find your Faith

Ground Yo Self. I have my faith in God.  I understand that not everyone may feel the same way about that, as I do. I can’t really write an accurate list of things I have learned though if I don’t give credit where credit is due.  I chose to have faith in God and hope you do too, but also know there are lots of other places I too have faith.  I have faith in my family, in my friends, in my girlfriend, and also I have faith in myself. Find faith and believe in others, in yourself, and in what you are going to accomplish this year!

Well, that is it you survived my 27 things I have learned in 27 years of life. I hope these tips help you, encourage you, or at least brought a smile to your day! If you like what you read or are looking for more content like this then like me on social media and subscribe to my blog to have access to all my content as soon as it drops. With that all said….

Honorable Mention to the list:

28.  Guy’s grow a beard…beards are awesome.  Girl’s date a guy with a beard…guys with beards are awesome.

Thank’s for stopping by everyone! Talk to y’all soon!

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