Howdy Y’all!


I am a proud Texan,Taco connoisseur, Professional Procrastinator, Great Googler, Practicing Photographer, Frugal Foodie, and now a BLOG WRITER!! I have finally taken the leap and have chosen to throw my sometimes odd, most times BIG personality out into the internet for all to experience.

…….and experience we will!  This blog is my effort to share in my personal experiences and learn and hear from you about yours!  I am an avid traveler, creative cooker, and constant competitor. I love sports, photography, DIY projects, health/fitness, and live life with my girlfriend and our two fur babies. I hope that this blog allows me to share a little of my experience with a whole lot of you.  It will focus on life.  Broad I know……but my passions are never ending and ever changing.  I hope to cover and provide information on Health/Fitness, Travel Tips, Relationships, Food…oh the Food, and Sports.

Now what makes me qualified to talk about all these things and share my experiences?  Well I am an X athlete who found himself double fisting bean burritos from Taco Bell before altering my course back into the world of health and fitness.  I have been there done that and survived my attempt to live one fast food bag at a time.

Travel…..I survived a self planned month long excursion through Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and a random stop in Canada….more on that later.  I have traveled through most of the United States, and frequent the Caribbean Islands in chase of that perma tan and an excuse to wear shorts that are entirely to short.

Food… I mentioned earlier….double fisting taco bell burritos…nuff said bout that

Relationships……I have a darling girlfriend who has shared life with me now for almost two years…her medal is back ordered….I am certainly no casanova, but I know a thing or two about charming the ladies….and ladies I’m a guy who knows what we put you through….

Sports……I have virtually played them all or embarrassed myself trying too.  I watch and study them all but am a die hard Texans football fan, Houston Rockets admirer, and Texas A&M Aggies…Gig Em

It’s gonna be a fun and wild time.  I hope you find it all inspirational, humorous, or at the very least entertaining!  Thank you in advance for the read, and take a few minutes to follow me on social media and subscribe to my blog!

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